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FIG e-Working Week in shaping up… The first draft of the technical programme is now available and consists of 1-hour Key-Note sessions, high level sessions, technical sessions, partner sessions, special FIG sessions and workshops. All adapted to a virtual format and accompanied by and spiced up with different networking and get-together activities. The General Assembly includes four sessions and FIG Council is hoping for an engaged and curious audience.
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Help us spread the word about the FIG e-Working Week and also the Young Surveyors conference that will take place 15-16 May. Does your company want visibility – check out the sponsorship possibilities.

Happy Global Surveyors Day – 21 March – and looking forward to seeing you online in June!

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Meet us at the 44th which is also the 1st ever virtual FIG General Assembly

[responsive][/responsive] [pullquote align=”left”]FIG General Assembly 2019 in Vietnam – the last time FIG Community met .[/pullquote]



Save the dates: 20 and 25 June 2021 for the virtual FIG General Assembly 2021. Four sessions are being planned:

  • Session 1, 20 JuneGeneral Assembly agenda items – Presidents report, Financial report, FIG Foundation, General agenda items such as membership updates, honorary members. Incl discussions and questions
  • Session 2 20 JuneElection – Get to know your candidates – ask questions to the candidates for FIG Vice Presidents, Commission Chairs and Working Week destination 2025
  • Session 3 25 June: Announcement of the winners of the election and FIG Governance – Task Force on Governance report and findings, response from Council and general discussion with delegates
  • Session 4, 25 June: The work of FIG – delegates are encouraged to comment, ask questions, and discuss with FIG Commissions, Networks, Task Force and Permanent Institutions on their work

Members of FIG will receive more detailed information incl. the agenda for the General Assembly and how to vote. Read more

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FIG Foundation Ph.D. Scholarship 2021

[responsive][/responsive]Apply now for the Scholarship – deadline of applications is 1 June 2021. Check the requirements carefully
Read more




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FIG e-Working Week 2021 – Register Now and Check the Programme


The e-Working Week opportunities

The fact that the Working Week has been transformed to take place virtually brings in new opportunities. This special e-Working Week will be accessible from all over the world, allowing the whole FIG Community with over 250.000 members from 120 countries to join in the event. From the organizing side we will do our utmost to bring together an unforgettable conference with possibilities to make meaningful connections with our sponsors, attendees and speakers, as well as attend sessions designed to be interesting, innovative and engaging.

Besides the subthemes Smart Surveyors, Integrated Land and Water Management and Ten Years to Achieve the SDG’s, we want to focus on the surveyors and the challenges they have in an unstable, uncertain and unpredictable world and with what technology, methods and procedures they face these new developments. How do surveyors adapt to these unexpected circumstances and what have we learned so far from these challenges?

Technical Programme

The technical programme will consist of seven 1-hour Key-Note sessions with nothing else in parallel as well as high level sessions, technical sessions, partner sessions, special FIG sessions and workshops. All this will be spiced up and bound together with different neworking and get-together activities. Sessions are being adapted to work in an online setting and will take different time zones into consideration although it is not possible to make all sessions fit to all time zones…

The first draft technical programme has been released:
Check out the technical programme

Here you can get a short peek into the 7 keynote sessions that await you:


Registration has opened. Do not miss this extraordinary e-Working Week. Since the e-Working Week will be virtual this will have a positive impact on the registration fee. You will not need any travel or accommodation expenses to attend this year, nor will there be the need of visas and other restrictions to participate. The only thing you will need is a computer, tablet or phone and internet access.

Sponsorships – Your company’s stories are just a mouse click away

A virtual event gives a different opportunity to get close to the participants and to reach out to specific target groups.

At a virtual conference you have more opportunities and control over how your signage and branding appears on the screen, amplifying the reach of your branding outside the physical conference space. The virtual sponsorship experience allows you to maximize your attendee touchpoints both by networking in the main conference and maintaining a digital sponsor space in the exhibition. Attendees can watch pre-recorded content, engage in a live video session and chat, or move the conversation to a private meeting.

Curious? Get more information on you possibilities at:
and read the prospectus (pdf)

If you have any questions to your sponsorship possibilities please contact Claudia at

Young Surveyors Conference








Within the past year, a lot of things have changed in our world, ushering us into a new reality. However, these changes have not changed our goal of a more sustainable future. Surveyors play a large role in the drive towards our common future. More so, young surveyors representing the link with the future play a larger role in the adaption to the new reality and face the Global Challenges of our day. This requires the involvement, and cooperation of young surveyors from the wide spectrum of the surveying profession. The 6th FIG Young Surveyors Conference (6YSC) is a two-day online conference, held across four time zones, that will provide young surveyors from different cultures, countries, academic qualifications, and professional backgrounds to meet, learn from each other, dialogue on the integral role of young surveyors towards rising up to the Challenges of our New Reality. Join us on this virtual trip around the world in 24 hours!!!

Read more at:

FIG and the local organisers from the Netherlands are working on a unique event based on 

  • FIG e-Working Week 2021 will inspire & connect
  • FIG e-Working Week 2021 will be a global event
  • FIG e-Working Week 2021 will bring qualitative good sessions​
  • FIG e-Working Week 2021 will provide an attractive virtual programme​
  • FIG e-Working Week 2021 will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge​
  • FIG e-Working Week 2021 will provide an opportunity to network & socialize​
  • FIG e-Working Week 2021 will bring different professional groups together​

In other words: After attending FIG e-Working Week 2021 you will be: inspired, (re)connected, energized, gained knowledge, feel part of a community…

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Article of the Month

Each month on FIG web site you can find a special selected paper called “FIG Article of the Month”.

The Article of the Month in April is written by Marie Fournier et al. Innovative Tools and Strategies to Conciliate Floodplain Restoration Projects and Spatial Planning in France: the “Over-Flooding Easement” This paper is mainly based on the results of the FARMaine project. The authors analyze the consequences of environmental public policies on agricultural land and practices in the Maine river basin (Région Pays de la Loire).  Read the article.

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 Reflections from the VCSP Wisdom Workshop, January 2021   

















125 young and ‘seasoned’ surveyors from 44 countries from around the world attended the Wisdom Workshop hosted by the Volunteer Community Surveyor Program (VCSP).
Read more

Ready to support Young Surveyors as a Mentor? 

[responsive][/responsive] or know someone who might be interested in this? Are you no longer a young surveyor, but want to give back to the surveying industry? Then read on…
Read more



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Happy Global Surveryors Day 2021

[responsive][/responsive]On this day, the indespensable work surveyors continue to and undertake was celebrated all over the globe. Several have shared with us their national and regional initiatives. Read more



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22 April 2021, virtual




Global Geodesy Forum – Titled “The Power of Where: The Value of Geodesy to Society”, and with an amazing panel of global ambassadors and experts, the Global Geodesy Forum will highlight the important role geodesy has in providing safer and more resilient communities. Read more

15-16 May 2021, Virtual


Web site:




20-25 June 2021 – virtual






9-11 June 2021, Yavoriv – Brukhovychi, Ukraine
XXV International Scientific and Technical Conference “GEOFORUM-2021”
Web site: Invitation

21-23 September 2021, Hanover, Germany
Intergeo 2021 – Live + Digital, #INTERGEO21
Web site:


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15-20 May 2022


FIG Working Week 2023, Orlando, Florida, USA
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